dimanche 1 janvier 2012

2012 Plans: Dutch and French

Like many blogs, I'm sure I'm not the only person posting laying out grand plans for 2012 and what they hope to achieve.

I was a little busy last year, but things have calmed down now and all the side-projects I was able to work in the fall, and especialy December, have showed me that I am now certainly able to find real chunks of time to do work.

So, plans:

Reddit is hosting a GEB seminar/read-along beginning in January. I'm going to do the do the readings both in English and French. The schedule for this is approximately one chapter per week so this should take 6 months or so to complete. If this goes well, my plan is to keep reading technical material in French.

I need to restart learning Dutch. My previous failures I think have been due mostly to motivation. "This time, it's different". Well, anyways, I've felt more strongly that I want to learn Dutch seeing as it looks like I'm not leaving Amsterdam anytime soon. So, that at least is a good start. I probably won't do exclusively Assimil, but I will try to get through the entire course.

Since I'm doing language stuff again, I'll start keeping this blog updated just to keep me honest. If nothing, it'll be a place to keep my notes for the French GEB read-through.

Happy New Year to my few remaining subscribers!

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Andrew a dit...

How's the Dutch study going. I'm also trying to learn Dutch with Assimil and Hugo's Dutch in Three Months.