dimanche 18 avril 2010

Current input sources

The file where I keep notes for my blog has been filling up with random thoughts so I figured I better write them down before they become too out of date. This post will basically be a list of my current input sources for French and Dutch.

For news, I've basically stopped reading HuffPo, and moved to 20minutes.fr, LeMonde.fr, France24.fr for news instead. I added a new iGoogle tab with French tech news: TechCrunch/ReadWriteWeb/Mashable/Gizmodo all have French versions. I also have a Slate.fr news feed there, but I wouldn't mind finding another news magazine that has more in-depth stories instead of just headlines and sound bites. However, speaking of headlines and soundbites, I really wouldn't mind a French Metafilter, Reddit, and/or Digg. The Yahoo Buzz front page is pretty terrible, but I maybe once you get out of TV/Celeb and into the other categories it gets better.

I listened to more of "Le Nom del a Rose". I think I've decided it's boring. It just might be a question of vocab, and that if I were reading it it might be easier. I probably won't listen to more of it, but I really need to find another French audiobook just to have for listening. It's too pad Utopod only releases episodes once a month.

On the Dutch side of things, I've found a number of Dutch video sites, including educational TV. ETV.nl has a number of educational series including and a few "learn dutch" ones. The current problem I think is that I'm no longer beginner, but don't yet have enough to watch any of the even low-intermediate ones. There are also a number which teach Dutch culture, all aimed at recent immigrants. I just wish I had transcripts. Watching these TV courses, I realize again how _fantastic_ "French In Action" was. 52 half-hour episodes. Wow. These ones seem to be in the range of only ten 5 or 10 minute episodes.

I've been sticking with Assimil, and that's going fine. Still not producing any Dutch, but I promised tricours that I'd write a lang8 post yesterday. I've picked up a couple more "simple" Dutch books:"Tao Van Poeh" and "De Ronde Van Gallia". Neither have audio though.

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