lundi 22 mars 2010

Random thoughts for February/March.

I've haven't been studying too much recently.  I managed to get to the end of the second Assimil CD near the end of February and haven't progressed much further.  I was hoping to keep up the base of 1 Assimil CD per month, but that's not going to happen.  However, at least I'm interested in doing language learning again.  It's hard when you're not motivated.  Breaks in Dutch feel bigger than those I know I did when I was learning French -- probaby because my Dutch is at a much lower level, forgetting a small number of things makes a larger impact.

The Sharedtalk Dutch room is always empty.  I'm sure I could find somebody to talk to, but then I also remember how hard it was to find a French conversation partner.  My level is also so beginner that I'm more at a lurk stage rather than participate stage.

My short commute has become even shorter with the purchase of a bike.   I'll need to find a new time to study.  I haven't figured out how to put it into my daily routine.  It never ends up being a priority for me. This is something I need to figure out and won't bother just rambling on the Internet about.

Tried the first level of Livemocha Dutch.  Didn't particularly like it.

Maybe I should go back to trying to write Lang8 posts?

We went to a Dutch market on the weekend and spoke some Dutch.  Mostly small stuff -- buying bread and cheese and cookies.  I felt somewhat comfortable doing this, even though I very quickly get outside of my understanding when the responses come.

I've actually been doing a lot of French.  Watching TV from back home -- "Les Invincibles."  The QC version is much better than the FR remake that just started airing on ARTE.  I'll probably keep watching the remake, but I'm very happy to rewatching the QC version because it's an excellent show.

We have a trip to Brussels planned in the near future so it will be nice to speak French then.

I still haven't sorted out my news feeds.  The French news sites tend to be about France, or Quebec.  Neither of which I live in any more.  I'm still reading way too many English news sites (tech ones, mostly) that I haven't found replacements for.

Watching the language learning youtube videos brought up my crazy idea of starting my own language videos just for practice.  This is unlikely to happen.

Another thing I could blame for my lack of motivation is the fact that I'm no longer an active member of HTLAL or the #learnanylanguage IRC channel.  Since I'm not always thinking about language learning, I think about other things instead.  I'm not saying I want to rejoin those (they did suck a lot of time), but I need to find another source of inspiration.

My copy of "The Hobbit" and  HP in Dutch are still too advanced.  I need to finish TY/LivingLanguage/Assimil before I can move on to a "real" book I think.

I think that's it for today.  Hopefully the rest of March and April will be more productive.  We'll see.

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