samedi 2 janvier 2010

more dutch thoughts

I've been doing a ton listening to Dutch dialogs. Assimil, TY, Linguaphone. I noticed with French that's how I felt I learned, so it's probably best to start earlier with that in Dutch.

I've started to "gently" shadow some of the Assimil dailogs. Dutch still feels very "foreign" to me. The words don't come easily even when I'm used to hearing them on the dialogs. When I speak, I don't have the meaning of the words in my brain, just the rote repetitions of the sounds. Sort of like a trained chicken who fakes intelligence by playing tic-tac-toe. The Assimil dialogs 1-21 are familiar enough that I feel I understand them without translation, although there are a couple of sentences that I still can't piece apart and hear as the individual words and fragments. The understanding, though, is not the same understanding I feel with French, but I also don't feel I'm translating through English.

Did the 20 short conversations of "Teach Yourself Dutch Conversation" a bunch of times, then the "A2" exercises CD. Still don't feel A2 even though I understand most of the conversations. I've already spoken about this so I won't rehash it.

Flipped through a copy of "Neerlandais sans peine." I could totally use that to learn Dutch. The only issue might be that since Dutch is closer to English, it's probably easier to learn through English than through a Romance language. The hooks to hang Dutch on are English ones, and if I have to find those hooks through translating from French, then that's just going to slow me down.

I'm still trying to figure out how to take notes. With CS and math, subjects I'm used to, it's "obvious" how to take notes. But just writing down grammar points doesn't seem to make sense for language. I think that's why I like idea of flash cards as collections of sentences, and _those_ are the notes. (But I still hate flash cards...)

Listened to Linguaphone 1-10, read the notes, then listened to the lessons again. The notes are a quite dense and too grammar oriented for me to absorbe all 10 lessons worth in a single quick read. I'll need to do a bit more alternating notes/recording/notes/recording instead of batching it up like I tend to do with Assimil.

Listened to Assiml lessons 1-21 on random twice. Went through Assimil 1-21 reading along with the text. Listed the 'het' words. Started doing the Assimil exercises into my wiki and reading the Assimil lesson notes again.

Did the exercises for Assimil 1-14.

I'm slowly working through the Linguaphone lessons 1-10 and the notes in smaller chunks so I can absorb more of it.

A bunch of my Dutch books got accidently packed, so I won't have the dictionary, phrasebook, grammar, or any of my French stuff for a while. Guess it's down to Assimil and TY and an electronic copy of Linguaphone.

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