lundi 28 décembre 2009

first day of doing dutch again

First day of studying Dutch again after a bit of a break. LR'd lessons 1-21 of Assimil (but none of the notes) and then listened to the recordings on a random loop a couple of more times through. These were the lessons I had studied back in September/October and it was nice to see that I hadn't forgotten too much.

Listened to lessons 1-10 of Linguaphone. I like the fact that the textbook is all in Dutch and the English notes are in a different book -- I don't find myself switching languages as much, which is nice. The immersion is a bit more complete. That's something I find really distracting with Michel Thomas and Pimsleur. I skimmed a bit of a Pimsleur lesson (30) and found myself thinking "Wow, this would be much more useful to listen to if there wasn't so much English."

Linguaphone has at least one spelling different -- 'mijnheer' where Assimil and TY have meneer. Linguaphone _feels_ out of date, but hopefully what I'll pick up is stuff that's repeated in the more modern TY/Assimil.

Can't wait to be in Amsterdam to get copies of Hobbit/HP. I tried listening to them again and was only picking up words here and there. I want a copy of the text to follow along with and mark up. They're probably still too advanced for me, but it's a goal.

Still need to figure out how I'm going to take notes. The geek in me likes the idea of a wiki, but it sort of failed when I tried it during my brief studies in October. I'm just going to admin that Flash Cards aren't for me and not bother with them this time. My requirements are a tool that lets me take notes or capture snippets of information and allows (or maybe forces) me to review them at reasonable intervals. Flash cards were the snippets, but maybe I wasn't being vicious enough with them -- too many of my flash cards were dull.

Debating doing my TAC logs in French. I probably wouldn't be happy with them if I did (neither the length nor quality I'd want), but I wan to be working on my French somehow. I picked up the upgrade for Antidote. Seems to work fine under 64-bit Ubuntu, but still no Chrome plugin.

I have the full set of "Calvin et Hobbes" and have been reading them to much enjoyment. I have set myself the task of doing some sentence mining from them. I also can't wait to live in Europe so I can buy the H2G2 audio book. I'll be glad when the shipping doesn't outweight the purchase price of the product.

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