mardi 8 décembre 2009

ABC Signup

I will of course continue my language journal throughout 2010. My focus will be to keep improving my French through reading, writing, and speaking. Hopefully being in Amsterdam a stone's throw away from France and Belgium will help. My plan for French is to speak English as little as possible (wife and co-workers), but otherwise have all my news sources and other reading/listening I do be in French. So, French will be my 'major' language.

Second, I will be learning Dutch. My plan (at the moment) is to work through Assimil, using TY as a grammar guide and left-brain "rules" guide. I'm expecting this (based on how long is took with the French one) to take 6 months to get to the stage where I'm comfortable with all the material. However, I know a bit more about language learning, so this might end up taking less time. I also have "De Hobbit" (one of my favourite books) as an audio book, as well as the first HP. My goal is to have worked through those by the end of the year. That, combined with living in Amsterdam is my approach for Dutch. I will also be writing on lang-8, using sharedtalk, and trying to start speaking what little Dutch I do learn as soon as possible as restaurants and with coworkers.

I've already started on the "French only input" part. My second attack on Dutch will have to wait until I've arrived in Amsterdam. I'm still very busy with the move packing and such. (I might restart as early as the 24th of December, since that's the date when we leave Montreal.)

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Brina a dit...

It never occurred to me to get audiobooks. You, sir, are brilliant.

sinetek a dit...

Salut dmd,
C'est bon de savoir que tu n'as pas délaissé l'étude des langues. Je te souhaites du succès avec le Néerlandais.

- pitwo/overscore de #learnanylanguage