mardi 1 décembre 2009

Acquisition Strategies and News

Well, I'm moving to Amsterdam. This means I'll be able to learn Dutch surrounded by it instead of being surrounded by French here in Montreal. I arrive at the start of January just in time to start TAC2010 (or ABC2010 or whatever).

Steve Kaufmann posted a youtube video recently on Naturalists vs. Structuralists. My current problem is that I agree with the theory (Krashen and friends) that we need to be exposed to the language and assimilate and "naturally" acquire the appropriate structures and vocabulary. "Exposure, exposure, exposure" is also the mantra of the AJATT folks (well, that and flash cards).

However, when it comes to my personal learning, I find that while I like the Assimil courses, I don't feel I'm learning unless I've actually studied the grammar and done the exercises. My left brain needs _proof_, needs the structure. I need to be able to say "This is correct." and be able to find the page in the textbook that says precisely why. Obviously, this grammar heavy approach at the start is what TY does and what Laoshu50500 uses for his approach.

I need to become more comfortable with not understanding the input. I need to understand that language learning is not like math. There are more shades of gray and understanding.

I think living in Amsterdam will be interesting from a language point of view. There's going to be a different approach to bilingualism than in Montreal and I'm curious as to how that will affect me and my progress.

I'm also again toying with the idea of using snapvine for lang-8 posts and/or youtube for French posts. I'll want to keep that up while I'm cramming Dutch.

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