vendredi 1 mai 2009

Another month, another update (April)

Starting to really start studying French again. My course is starting soon (CEFN412: French Oral Communication Techniques Advanced 1, for those of you who care..). That will be 3h twice a week for 9 weeks. I've also tried to find some more books that would interest me to read. I'm hoping "Le pas de Merlin" and "Les Rois Maudit" are as good as people seem to say they are. I also grabbed "Le nom de la rose", but since I've had native francophones tell me it's a hard read even for them, I'm aware that I may not get as much out of it as I'm hoping.

My brief foray into Esperanto served its purpose. I've stopped the lessons, but it's still there on the horizon.

I've been spending more time on Sharedtalk. I tried really hard to use it to find conversation partners, but everybody seems to flake out. Very few people there seem to be serious about language learning, which makes it hard too.

Something else I've noticed when chatting in French: I don't trust myself and I hit wordreference "just to check" on accents, or spelling, or a better translation. I tend to be correct, or sufficiently correct to be understood. I think it's really my perfectionist self taking over here. I don't want to be just "good enough", I want to be fluent. Or at least appear fluent. I hate making mistakes. I'm really hoping this conversation course will cure me of that..

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