mercredi 1 avril 2009

Update: cooking and placements tests (March)

Well, I've gone nearly a month without an update. Certainly a change from the nearly daily postings at the start, and then posting every-other day for a bit after that.. I think the introspection died down a bit, and I felt I had less to report. I'm still listening to my podcasts, watching some TV and the occasional movie.

The only real difference is I've totally dropped off doing my flash cards. I think I've realized now that I never really liked them, and somehow I knew this in the back of my mine, but I still forced myself to do them. I'm of mixed feelings about this. I think they worked, but they made me unhappy. I should probably replace the flash cards with more reading (novels), but I haven't gotten back into that..

I having been doing enough lang-8 posts, which is something I am a bit unhappy about though.

My cooking course (in French) went very well. I made lots of yummy food, understood the instructor almost 100% of the time (modulo some specialzied vocabulary, but it helped that I already know quite a bit about cooking in English, so for the most part it was obvious what he meant even if the word didn't stick.)

I'm going to enroll in a part-time certificate French course at a university here. I had to take a placement test (so they could put me in the right course). The test itself was similar to what I'd expect DELF/TCF-type tests would be. Anyways, they put me in "Advanced 1", which I believe corresponds to IRL-2, which is higher than I expected. I'm really looking forward to the course.

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