jeudi 5 mars 2009

TAC Log for Feb 22 - March 4

Ok, so it's been a while. However, I think I've gotten out of the slump that hit me mid-February. I've been good about doing my flash cards: 100 + review is way more doable and only takes about 20m.. The 200+ cards previously was taking at least 40-60m and I think that's what made it feel oppressive. I've done a couple more lang-8 posts. In fact, my last lang-8 post was mostly a TAC log entry. I've also been really good about my podcasts and other input: all my news is coming from French sources these days, and I've added a couple more "talk radio" podcasts to my list. I just need to get back into reading novels.

I've signed up for a cooking course in French. I've gotten myself un-addicted to

The brief foray into Esperanto seems to have helped too. I'm using "L'espéranto sans peine", so the course itself is in French. I think just the fact that I've added another language was enough to make me relax a bit about my French.

I have another lang-8 post and more anki reps scheduled for tonight. All is well, or at least better than it was. Yay me!

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