jeudi 5 février 2009

TAC Log for Feb 4

Still haven't done my flash cards in a while, or any of the Da Vinci Code chapter studies. Real life has caught up with me for a bit and so my studies have lagged a bit. However, I did manage to get out a lang-8 post.

The post took me 45m (with a bit of procrastination) to choose a topic from my list of 1000, and then 90m to write. It's hard to say how much of that time is just me struggling with the French, vs. how much time is just me spent trying to figure out _what_ to say. I think that's the problem with a lot of the journal prompts. I have no interest in writing them, ("I was robbed", "Today I feel sick", "My first visit to the principal's office", "Why I misbehave in class"), and when I do, I want to feel like I have to have something to _say_ on the topic. (My other topic was fairly philosophical .. I'll try to write it on Sunday..) I don't want to just babble mindlessly. I leave the babbling for my TAC logs...

I've been doing more busuu lessons. I try to do at least one a day, maybe two. They're some easy light learning.

My first "Club de Jeux de Société" is coming up on Friday. I can't wait!

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