mercredi 4 février 2009

TAC Log for Feb 2/3

Nothing much to report. Yesterday I zipped through some mnemosyne flash cards and proved to myself that the crossword puzzle clues I moved away from didn't work to implant the words into my brain in a useful fashion. It was more I could recognize the clue without really reading the words, and then get the correct answer out even without registering either the meaning of the definition I had just read, or being able to instinctively use the word I had just shown mnemosyne I "knew" in a sentence.

Today, however, I had two French phone calls with some awkward vocabulary (plumbing and bureaucracy).

I had to switch back my google interface to English. I did a couple of queries today where what I wanted to search for was totally not coming up, but it was the first or second hit once I switched my interface back to English. Searching the English interwebs with English keywords when google is searching through French pages just doesn't work. Same thing with the Google Earth wikipedia entries, actually. If the Interface is French, you have far fewer wikipedia links in Google Earth because the French wikipedia doesn't have those articles. My Google Earth interface is in English too. Sometimes you just have to go with numbers.

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