lundi 16 février 2009

TAC Log for Feb 12-15

Been a busy couple of days in Real Life, so studying has been a bit on the back burner. Still doing my flash cards, though, and the Busuu lessons. (I think I like the new layout a bit less, but I just got my A1 PDF certificate :) My flash cards are getting down to a sane level of suggested reps per days now.

Still haven't done any more chapter studies for Da Vinci Code. Clearly, not something I'm actually interested in doing. I wonder if it's the source material? Maybe I should try again with H2G2?

I had a couple of Esperanto twinges this week. First, out of the blue, I had some isolated "hmm.. esperanto.." thoughts. Then, somebody came into the IRC channel who only spoke Esperanto and Polish. Then, Sunday lernu sent me an automatic "please come back" email. Maybe it's a sign ...?
I'll maybe start listening to the Esperanto lessons in the background and see which direction that points me.. June is certainly far away ..

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