jeudi 12 février 2009

TAC Log for Feb 11

Did my flash card reviews, listened to some podcasts, spoke some French and chatted a bit online.
Did my weekly lang-8 post. I think I choose too difficult a topic, both from a "what do I want to say" point of view as well as a "damn I have to look this stuff up" point of view. 2h for 250 words (instead of 1h for ~600). Next time maybe I'll talk about something easier. My list of topic ideas was not the panacea I was hoping for.

I watched a couple of laoshu505000's videos today. I had the strange idea (I've had it before too) that maybe I should start my own rambling French podcast / youtube thing. Not really for anybody else, but just to get me speaking (semi-)spontaneously. However, since I have enough trouble coming up with lang-8 topics...

Still haven't done my chapter studies..

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