dimanche 11 janvier 2009

TAC Log for Jan 9/10

Another two days of mostly reading. Started, then finished, "Dragons d'un crépuscule d'automne" (380p). Did my flash card reps (only 20-30 scheduled cards). Shadowed "Beyond the Basics" lessons 14-15. I found a French scifi podcast that should be good to listen to (utopod.com).

So, I've done all the reading I had originally planned for the TAC. Oops. Well, I guess that's good, though,. But it does mean I'm going to have to find more books to read to keep my interest up. The thought had briefly passed through my head to read the other two Dragonlance books, but the first one was .. insufficiently captivating .. to make me want to read the others. Also, I don't want to have too many books "on the go", as it were, and I think doing the chapter studies (below) plus hopefully getting back into my normal newspaper routine will be sufficient input.

I'm probably going to start doing "chapter studies" for Harry Potter, and then Da Vinci Code afterwards. Looking at the Antimoon flash card suggestions, there certainly are lots of "learning opportunities" that will present themselves in the novels. I'll just have to make sure to grab everything that looks interesting, and start pulling in larger chunks that just single vocab words. HP and DVC, then, will be the two largest sources of idioms. I'll go back to H2G2 for my "personal" idiom style, probably when I'm done with these two books. (Which should be a while..)

Tried doing more "Using French" lessons, but couldn't really get in to it. I think I see now why I dropped it before. I think I'm sufficiently happy with the results from reading 'real' books to not want to force myself to keep doing something I dislike. Maybe I'll just stick it on repeat in the background or something, but I don't think I'm going to try to actual progress through the course as I thought earlier. I think part of my just wants to try to finish these courses so as not to leave anything "undone." At the same time, there's the nagging feeling that I _should_ be able to do the FSI or DLI courses, if only to say either "yes I've done them" but also "Aha! A silver bullet. Clearly if I finish this course, _then_ I'll be fluent." You can see the same thoughts circling in my head as previously. At least this time I have a written log so I know that I'll hate the drills if I were to go back to them. Well, the TAC log is good for something I guess...

Reading the Dragonlance book made me want to get into gaming again. I have a French copy of Neverwinter Nights, so maybe I can convince myself that playing that is actually studying...

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