jeudi 8 janvier 2009

TAC Log for Jan 7

Finished flash cards for "Through the Looking Glass" (only 40 new cards). Finished "Da Vinci Code" (315 pages).

Didn't get any speaking practice done. Didn't listen to any radio. Didn't get a lang-8 post done.

I read through the antimoon flash card pages again. HP/DaVinci will be good sources of material. I'm need to make sure to handle more than just individual vocab words though.

Guess I'm starting "Dragons of Autumn Twilight" tomorrow.

Starting playing around with something to show me random french sentences from my vocab course. I don't want to just import 2400 entries into mnemosyne, I think that would add too much junk to my scheduled cards. But hopefully I can figure out a way to gracefully assimilate the contents. I think I might approach it studying one entire volume at a time (rather than trying to proceed through the individual lessons.) I'll probably do something similar for "Using French" -- attack it in one-week chunks (since I've already listened to most of the dialogs tons, but not always gone through and studied the text or the notes.)

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