mercredi 7 janvier 2009

TAC Log for Jan 5/6

Lots of vocab work today and yesterday. 210 new flash cards into mnemosyne with words from Wonderland and Looking Glass. I should finish with Alice vocab tomorrow. I read 260 pages of "The Da Vinci Code". I shadowed the first 4 dialogs from "Living Language: Beyond the Basics" to get some more speaking practice.

Still gotta figure out how to handle the "Par Exemple" vocab course and "Using French".

I think my plan for my reading is to try to get all my "first pass" done by the end of the week so that I can spend the rest of January going through at a more leisurely pace just working on vocab.
Pushing off "Neuromancer" and "The Name of the Rose" until later in the year, this means I just have to finish "Da Vinci Code" and read "Dragons of Autumn Twilight".

The holidays and the switch to books has pushed off my newspaper/podcast routine. Hopefully I can get back into that soon.

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