mardi 27 janvier 2009

TAC Log for Jan 26

Sunday went through the lessons for "Ultimate French Advanced" and pulled out some sentences into my notebook. They're not into anki yet. I've started a file on my computer with French notes, instead of using a paper notebook. We'll see how that goes. 200 anki reps, and another 200 today. I added a French RSS feed of stupid irc quotes ( so that should be some more "real life French" (like "Entendu à Montréal")

A bit more French chatting, both in #learnanylanguage and Sharedtalk. Yeah, I still feel a bit guilty.. However, I'm hoping to get one or two longer term contacts out of it, then I'll move on.

Finally, my local library is going to have "club de jeux de société" twice a month starting in February, sponsored by a fantastic game store here in town. I'll get to interact with real live French people, and play some games, all for free. Better brush up on my gaming vocabulary.

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