dimanche 25 janvier 2009

TAC Log for Jan 23/24

Lots of input recently. Watched another episode of "Les Invincibles". Zipped through some French lessons on busuu.com. I'm not going to do them anymore, they're too easy. (I had only signed up to see what they had on offer in the first place anyway, so I'm not broken up about it.) Watched a bunch of French cooking videos on dailymotion and some youtube clips from SRC. Got 100% on my 13 scheduled mnemosyne reps. Haven't done any anki reps yet today. I did study another 5 lessons from my vocab course though (another 100 words). Did chapter study for Davinci code 3-4. I'll put the sentences in tomorrow.

I had stopped reading the newspaper because I don't really care about World News. I tried to find some blogs or other sites in French, and that totally failed. So, I'm back down to not having any new interesting French content in my rss reader. I still have some podcasts, so I'm not totally back down to just my books.

Wasted _way_ too much time on Sharedtalk today. It's strangely addictive, and not in a good way. I think I have to never go there again.

More postmortem from my conversation exchange: taking too long to form sentences. Obviously, this is a common issue with lots of language learners. I think it's because I have a complex sentence structure in my head and I want to try to get it out in its complex form, and that's where I end up pausing. Antimoon says: "When you speak or write, be careful, slow, and use simple language." I think trying to think in smaller chunks would probably help. (Yeah, good luck with that...)

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