mercredi 21 janvier 2009

TAC Log for Jan 20

Did chapter study for DVC/2 this morning. Listened to DVC 3-4. Finished reading my dragonlance book, so it's off to the library tomorrow to get the third one.

Skimming through my vocab course, it appears I know about 50% of the words (8-12 of 20, roughly.) This is both good and bad. Good, because it means I can progress through the course more quickly, but bad because I won't have as much to learn.

I imported the sentence flash cards into anki and started my reps. I was planning on doing them in order (just the first 200 words -- the first 10 lessons worth since I had done the first 5 in the fall previously.) Then, I could progress through the lessons with their extra bits and slowly start doing more and more of the flash cards. However, anki decided to show me the cards in a random order and, since I had imported all of them, from all over the course. So now, I guess I'll just read through the course and do the sentence flash cards and not worry that the two works are no longer connected. I ended up doing 300 cards. Anki estimates at my current rate it'll take me another 8h40m to review all the new cards.

I also need to start putting in DVC sentences, but I think I'll batch those. It'll be a mini review when I go back over the book to create the sentences.

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