mardi 20 janvier 2009

TAC Log for Jan 19

Listened to the radio a bit. But mostly I'm happy because I got a Round Tuit and started my chapter study for DaVinci Code.

It's much slower going, obviously, that just reading for content. Easily 3+ hours and I got through the prologue and the first chapter (only 10 pages..). But, I have 31 phrases to add to anki (tomorrow), and I looked up a number of words so hopefully they'll now be in my passive. I'll reread the chapters (tomorrow? maybe a bit later) to try to schedule my own "refresher" for the vocab I looked up (so it's now in my passive) but decided too rare or not useful to not bother to force it into my active.

I really wish I had something where I could look up levels of speech for various words and expressions.

So, chapter study: 2 down, 104 to go. But that's why I have the entire year to do this. I was hoping to be able to get through more of my books this way, but I wonder if I'll just end up doing these intensive studies for one or two more, and try to be a _bit_ more careful when reading for content with a pencil beside me or something.

Here's a weird difference in the DaVinci Code translation: In the French version, the albino was smarter and brought a silencer for his gun.

I should figure out a schedule where I can alternate doing DaVinci studies with my vocab course. I'm going to throw out some numbers here: I'd like to study 10 chapters/week and do 10 vocab lessons/week. That would allow me to add 500 sentences/week into anki. Hmm.. that seems like it's too ambitious. Well, "Aim High! (Air Force!)" as they say. We'll see how the first few weeks go and if I can keep that pace or not.

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