lundi 19 janvier 2009

TAC Log for Jan 18

I think the only French I did yesterday was listening to some "Le Petit Nicolas" stories.

Got a lot of input today (18th) though. I listened to the radio for about an hour (mostly in the background), watched the first episode of season 3 of "Les Invincibles", LR's HP chapter 2, read 150 pages of "Dragons d'une nuit d'hiver", listened to the rest of the second CD of "Le Petit Nicolas". Finally, I went through my entire mnemosyne deck. Of the 345 cards, I ended up marking 88% of them 4-5 and the rest 2-3.

Ah, flash cards.

So, I'm second guessing my flash card format again. I've decided that the cards to me have become more like memorizing cross word puzzle clues and less like teaching me the language so I can use it. When I want to use a word, my brain needs to find the word _in_context_. I need a sentence that's saying the sort of thing I want to say. That's why dialogs and shadowing work so well for me. I _thought_ the "defn->word" would help with production, and while it's probably teaching me what the word _means_, I'd much rather have the example sentences in my brain instead.

So, I've decided (again) to redo my flash cards. (The last time I decided I ended up not actually changing anything, but I still went through the motions of not being happy with them..)

So, I'm going to follow AJATT/10k/Antimoon Sentence Items lead and make my "question" cards the example sentences, with notes on the answer side.

I spent the morning munging the vocabulary course text and I now have 2400 flash card ready to be imported. I'm also going to use this clean break to switch to anki. (To be fair, I didn't encounter any major issues with mnemosyne -- this is purely wanderlust.) As for the 345 cards I had in mnemosyne, I'm not going to try to import them into anki. I'll just try to remember to review them once in a while. I _might_ go back for some of them and create sentence items for them, but I doubt it..

The only issue left is to decide on the frequency to import them into anki. Sure, I could do all 2400 items at once and let the software figure it out. However, the rules for flash cards states that you should learn before you memorize. Thus, I should have least done the vocab lesson before importing the sentence into my SRS. My goal for the vocab course is to try to do 5 lessons 3 times a week. I can see that dropping down to only 5 lessons 2 times a week.

[I had written a long paragraph here as to why I hadn't started the DaVinci Code chapter study. Rereading the excuses made me feel stupid. I'll try to start it tomorrow.]

I'll finish Dragonlance this week too, and then it's off to start the third one. After that, I'm not sure what I'll read. Since I'll be a bit further into my vocab course and DVC study, maybe I'll just go into review mode, rereading my list of books. We'll see. If it turns out I just end up craving "More Input! More Input!" (to quote Johnny 5) I'm sure I can find something.

This Saturday (the 24th) will mark one month (or two, depending on how you're counting) since the TAC started. I'll have a post with my thoughts on how it's progressing so far.

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