jeudi 15 janvier 2009

TAC Log for Jan 14

Listened to the morning news. Listened to the first CD of "Le Petit Nicolas". Flash cards (70 scheduled, got 10 or so wrong). Read 50 pages of Dragonlance.

So, learning vocab from Dragonlance seems less obvious that with my previous books. Perhaps it's because I filled in the obvious gaps earlier, and so now I just have some subtle gaps.
I found frenkled's comment about reading without studying being inefficient, and I think I'm starting to agree. Mostly for retention, but also because native speakers growing up have _way_ more opportunity for immersion than older foreign language students. Thus, we must be choose methods that give us higher return on time invested. For me, that's going to be the vocab study on DVC (when I get around to to it...)

Another weird thing I noticed with the Dragonlance translations is that (unlike all the other translations), totoyer-ing is the norm. I'm surprised how weird it sounds (well, reads) to have a Knight of Solamnia address an Elven princess he just met as "tu".

Still no lang-8 post. Need a topic, need a topic. Maybe book reports are the way to go.. I watched laoshu505000's videos about his techniques involving chatrooms and forums as soon as possible. The desire to move to production as soon as possible, and _constant_ production, is an interesting thing and almost certainly an area I'm lacking (the other major one being vocab of course). What this means is, I really shouldn't be slagging off on the lang-8 posts, but should journal journal journal.. , maybe tomorrow.. ?

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