mercredi 14 janvier 2009

TAC Log for Jan 13

Listened to my podcasts. Had a couple of French phone conversations. I'm getting better at not flaking into English. Flash cards again, but ended up not that happy with my retention.

It was easier to listen to more of the Da Vinci code than it was the HP1. I guess I should switch to doing my vocab study for that DVC instead of HP (my original plan), since if I can't stand to read my source materials ... DVC also has the advantage of many (100+) small chapters. It makes doing a single chapter of vocab slightly more doable and not so daunting. It's already broken up into bite-sized chunks.

Listening to stuff is probably good for exposure, but after having just done a bunch of reading I see that the _learning_ density is lower than I'd like than when compared with reading. And even then, I prefer novels to newspapers.

So, more books for me then. I just need ideas of what to read. I stopped by the library, renewed my card, and got the second Dragonlance book. Sure, the first one wasn't great, but it'll give me something to read while I search for other things.

People keep suggesting "Great French Literature", but absolutely none of it interests me. Zola, Proust, Hugo, and all the rest. Even Arsène Lupin held my interest less than I was hoping it would.

Luckily, I found some website that talk about Quebec science-fiction and fantasy that I'm hoping will be a good source of materials. And now that I've decided to just read read read, hopefully the librarians will be able to suggest things I'd like.

Read 100 pages of the "Dragons d'une nuit d'hiver." I read that instead of my free daily.

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