lundi 5 janvier 2009

New Years TAC log

Lots of reading done recently. I finished "The Hobbit" on Friday Jan 2, finished the vocab for Alice (191 words), and then read Harry Potter 1 Friday/Saturday.

Thoughts: ok, so I've gotten over my hatred of the passé simple, and now my hated has moved on to French quoting style. Specifically, the lack of delineation between what's actual dialog and what's description. In English, the actual spoken words are enclosed in double quotes, but no so in French.

I found some translation errors. In "The Hobbit", Tolkien describes Smaug as having bat-like wings. The French translation has shifted this slightly to make Smaug himself sound bat-like. A consequence of this is the cover illustration has a giant bat-like dragon.
There was a much smaller issue with the Alice translation where the translator confused "bedraggled" with "dragged".

I feel my passive is getting larger from context, which is cool. It's fun to read a sentence and be able to say "Hey, now I know what those words mean." There was one sentence in Harry Potter that had a word I had picked up from Alice, one from H2G2, and one from The Hobbit.

I'm going to change how I handle my flash cards. I think I'm just going to take the dictionary approach and do "word (sense) -> translation" and just go for quantity. The "high quality" cards I've been making are nice, but I think overall what's going to help more is a vast number of word stems rather than cross-word definitions.

I think I'm going to memorize the Jaseroque poem (because I love the English one too.)

I might start 'Using French', even though I couldn't get through it before.

I've been listening to "The Name of the Rose" as background noise when I don't feel like doing anything else. I don't really understand all of it, but at least its French.

Tried to listen to the Harry Potter audio book again. The narrators normal speaking voice isn't terrible, but I really hate the cartoony voices he does for the other characters. Now that I've read the book and have a plan for the vocab, I'm not going to try to listen to the audio version anymore.

- read Arsene Lupin, Alice, H2G2, Hobbit, Harry Potter

To do:
- move all Alice/Merveilles vocab to mnemosyne
- finish vocab for Alice/Miroir ( -> mnemosyne)

- HP vocab ( -> mnemosyne)
- Using French
- read Da Vinci Code

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