mardi 20 janvier 2009

How to read carefully

I'm mostly following the Antimoon "Pause and Think" method. I've already read the book once for content, and I'm trying to have listened to the audiobook chapters at least twice. I sit down with the French text and read slowly through the text, making sure I absolutely understand each part. I have two French dictionaries (wordreference and wiktionary), as well as the original English text. I try to consciously examine the language, noting verb tenses ("ah, there's the subjunctive again after ``jusqu'à ce que''), gender accordances ("ah, feminine form of the adjective..."), etc.

Then, "interesting" structures (i.e, ones that I read and say "Hey, I want to be able to say that") I circle. Those ones will go into my SRS, maybe as they are, or maybe in a slightly modified form. I'm content to have a number that I look up and understand, but that sit in my passive for the next time I see them (because I've decided they're too literary, or too rare, or not something I actually care about.)

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