dimanche 7 décembre 2008

TAC Log for Dec 5/6

Friday night was a bit of a write-off. I think I had planned to do more studying, but I got sucked into non-French things. Late Friday and Saturday morning I spent reading the entire Journal Metro and writing out all the vocab words I didn't know. I was impressed there were only 77. (47 pages, mostly ads, so probably only 10-12 half-sheet pages of real "content").

So, what do to with the vocab lists? I decided to go with flash cards. I'm going to use mnemosyne, because it's what I've used in the past. I've tried SRS systems before, but could never get into the habit of using them. I think the issue is that my passive understanding is fine, and I could just never figure out what _kind_ of questions I wanted to put into them.

This time, I've decided to go with "definition in french" -> "french word + example sentence". The cards took longer than I expected to make. If it was just a simple "dog" -> "chien" card, it would probably be about 10s/card. As is, it was taking me 3 minutes per card. Hit the French Wiktionary for the definition of the word, determine _which_ defintion(s) I wanted to use (for words with multiple meanings), determine if I want to pick a different word form, check wordreference to make sure I understand all the words in the definition, copy the definition into the card, plus make sure there are some example sentences. However, this does mean that my cards are fairly "dense" with information, and so the 65 cards I ended up with (I decided not to put all the words into the SRS) probably actually have 2-3 "good" words on them (in the definitions and/or the example sentences, in addition to the word itself.)

The entire process took a bit too long, so I'm not going to go through the Friday paper every week. Every other week should be fine for now. Although, now that I have mnemosyne setup it might not be too much extra work to put in just the new words I get from my daily newspaper reading.

I've figured out my podcast routine too. DailyFrenchPod (not my favourite) and a RadioCanada morning news goes on my mp3 player in the morning, to listen to during my commute and at lunch.
In the evening, "La Première à la carte".

As for reading, I read one of the free dailies (not all of it, and I'll have to play a bit to see if I prefer Metro or 24Heurs), as well as some of a book. I'll try to do a couple (3?) lang-8 posts a week too. Later in the evening, I'll do my flashcard review too.

As long as I don't spend too much time doing stupid stuff on my computer in the evenings, this should be totally doable.

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