jeudi 4 décembre 2008

TAC Log for Dec 3

Lots of French input today. I read the free daily newspaper on the metro, listened/shadowed to a bunch of podcasts, read chapter 3 of Arsène Lupin, listened/read chapter 2, and I started hanging out in some Quebec IRC channels (and even answered a question!).

Skimming some language blogs, I found myself browsing AJATT again. His fanaticism is certainly inspiring.

I decided to take AJATT's approach and just totally immerse myself in the language when possible. The biggest problem here, of course, is my RSS feeds. Obviously, I subscribed to these news sources precisely because I wanted to read these news sources, and there aren't always equivalents in French. But, I'm going to do what I can. I've subscribed to some French food blogs, replaced my CBC news feeds with ones from Radio Canada, and subscribed to a couple more French podcasts where I'm actually interested in the content.

So, my plan will be to try to get my news from French sources where possible. In the morning, this means skimming Google News (fr_CA), listening to the Radio Canada news when I get home, and probably reading my French books and the free daily newspaper in the evenings. Keeping me away from my computer (and the English interwebs I love so much) will also help the immersion process. Plus, it'll get me away from my computer which, honestly, isn't a bad thing.

I signed up for the FrenchPod101 free trial so I could listen to their advanced lessons. Yeah, I way prefer FrenchPod. The lessons have more content and the host banter is less annoying. That's important if you're planning on listening to the lessons over and over and over.

What does it mean if nobody corrects your lang-8 entry ... ? I'm reminded of the quote: "There are two ways to write something. One is to make it so simple there are obviously no faults. The other is to make it so complicated there are no obvious faults." I wonder if my mistakes are subtle?

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