dimanche 28 décembre 2008

TAC Log for Dec 27

What to do with vocab from Hobbit/H2G2. After one reading, I think I'll notice the "important" words and go for those, 'cause doing every single unknown word is tiring. Maybe it would be faster on a computer? OTOH, TAC is my work for the year, so ...

I don't think I could reread Alice over and over. Once through is sufficient. However, I want to go to back through and pull out sentence fragments and expressions -- my first pass was pretty much only single vocab items and not compounds.

I also need to figure out what to do with my vocab lists since they don't match my current flash cards. I like consistency.

Having been using my paper dictionary a lot for the past week, it's interesting to note how easy it is to skim and browse (and review as your eyes pass words you've just looked up while looking up others) in a way using web-based dictionaries don't.

My new vocab is averaging 17 words per Alice chapter. Over the entire book that should be about 225 new words.

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