samedi 27 décembre 2008

TAC Log for Dec 26

Finished H2G2. Higher average unknown word count, but knowing the story so well it didn't really matter. The unknown words tend to be verbs or adjectives where the overall meaning is obvious, it's just the shade that gets lost.

Started "Bilbo le Hobbit"

I don't like the literate tense in French. "-ûmes" and "-îmes", vint, eûssent, vint, firent and all that. My eyes just gloss over them and I recognize the verb, but it means that (from a dialog point of view) these are not sentences fragments I'd want to remember and regurgitate like an Assimil dialog.

Reading is doing lots for my passive, which is cool Words that would have been unknown in "The hobbit" were picked up from context in H2G2 ("boue"), and worse that I looked up for Alice ("courbe") show up in H2G2 and Hobbit. It's working!! :)

I'm finding it hard to keep all the different ways to grumble/mumble/moan/groan/growl/whine straight. This, combined with the 1-1 mapping my word list is created is making me feel like I should be finding a better way to do this. Besides, my best "bang-for-the-buck" should come from learning the _primary_ translations for certain concepts. It's no good to have "grumble" => "bougonner" if in fact the translation of "bougonner" is "grumble", but most translations of "grumble" _aren't_ "bougonner." Clearly, language courses are designed to have these primary translations in mind, but authors with dictionaries of synonyms are not so kind..

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