dimanche 14 décembre 2008

TAC Log for Dec 12/13

I had large language studying plans for Friday night after work, but those totally fell through. (This happened last week to, so I guess this should be a lesson to me: don't make study plans for Friday night.) I ended up just reading the newspaper and circling vocab words. I did listen to a lot of Radio-Canada, though. I really like "Première à la carte". It's just 30 minutes of the "best of" sampling of the days radio. Wide range of speakers, wide range of topics. And it's interesting, something I've been struggling with (especially with some of the other podcasts I listen to.) Of course, I'm not getting the explicit repetition, but hopefully it will just come with 'natural' repetition.

I really need to get into the flash cards thing. I'm wondering if I'm not being "vicious" enough with the vocab from the newspapers. I'm again hoping for the natural assimilation, since the articles aren't actually interesting enough to reread over and over. Hopefully I'll be able to do the repetition with my reading list.

Saturday was a bit more productive. I spoke French at the dry cleaners to get them to lengthen a pair of pants, and then more while out shopping for Christmas presents.

Read the last three chapters of Arsène Lupin. Now I guess I get to go back and overanalyse the book to make sure I've learned all the vocab.

In terms of other vocab tools, I've heard doing crossword puzzles is good. However, I'd have to find some that are appropriate to my vocabulary level, which would probably be the hard part. I'll take a look some kids activity books in the dollar store and see what I think of them. If they're only a dollar, it's hard to go wrong..

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