mercredi 10 décembre 2008

Pre-TAC Log for Dec 9

Listened to the news, read the paper, added 2 new words to mnemosyne and reviewed the 12 it had scheduled. Clearly, my daily routine has more or less settled in.

I tried to listen to more dialogs on my mp3 player today. I'm just so sick of all the dialogs, podcasts, and French music I have on there at the moment. The problem with the dialogs is that I've already listened to them all a zillion times. The Arsène Lupin books are good, but I can't really listen to them if I'm doing something else because I have to concentrate so much on the language. The Sherlock Holmes stories are slightly better because I already know all the stories. I really need to find some more things to listen to if I want to continue my daily immersion.

A friend of mine ripped the audio from TV shows and movies and listened to them during his commute. I think that might work for me, but I'd have to choose one. It would need to have substantial amounts of dialog so I wouldn't just be walking to work listening to car chases...

In general, though, I think French audiobooks are the way to go. I just have the same problem of trying to figure out which ones...

My mp3 player also has a radio mode, so maybe I should just listen to Radio-Canada?

The daily paper I read has a little blurb every day on a word that's changed due to the 1990 French spelling reforms. Even though I started learning French after 1990, I think _maybe_ one of my textbooks is actually using the "new" spelling, and For me, as a learner then, is that I've basically learned the "old" system and now have to figure out all the new rules too. I know the spelling reform isn't mandatory, but I feel like I should be spelling things the "new and improved" way. (OTOH, I don't think anybody else is either ... even a 2008 cookbook I just got uses "oignon" instead of "ognon").

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