mercredi 3 décembre 2008

Pre-TAC Log for Dec 2

Listened/shadowed to a bunch of podcasts. That was probably about an hour. I'm still enjoying them, at least for the moment. I think like all my dialog sets, I could just keep doing these for ever without ever really felling like I'd "finished" with them. Maybe just shadow each of them twice and be happy with that. Otherwise, I think I'd just be not making effective use of my time.

Listened to the first chapter of Arsène Lupin again. I was going to go through again with a dictionary beside me and pick out vocab, but after rereading the Kato Lomb's book about "just read and read and read, the important words will stick" I decided to just move on to the second chapter and not worry about understanding everything. I read (outloud, under my breath) the second chapter.

I hit the bookstores again and finished off collecting the books for my reading list. I'm really looking forward to reading "Alice" and "Le guide".

I think I'll try to get in a quick lang-8 post in French about Arsène Lupin. I told tricours I would, so I'll just feel guilty if I don't. It's been a while since I posted there anyway.

EDIT: lang-8 post done. Took me 10 minutes.

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