jeudi 18 décembre 2008

Pre-TAC Log for Dec 16/17

Tuesday was the normal routine. Listened to the radio, read the newspaper, circled vocab.

Wednesday evening, same. Put in 15 more words into mnemosyne. I'm definitely getting faster at creating the cards.

I didn't chicken out of a French phone call today. I left a message in French (rehearsed before hand, of course :) and the call back started in English, but I switched to French and the rest of the conversation was in French. Yay me! (Although, I spoke too fast when I left the message, probably because I was nervous. Gotta just slow down and speak normally...)

I've also realized there are a number of "hidden" francophones at my office. That is, people who speak French but just don't because the office environment is English. I've decided to start speaking French to them when/if appropriate. (Greetings, small talk, lunch time stuff.)

Had a face-to-face French conversation that I stumbled a bit on, but managed to get the meaning across. I should probably go back and review what I did wrong and get the proper phrasing out, but it's getting late...

Finally, _man_ I wish my free newspaper used the 1990 spelling reforms.

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