mardi 2 décembre 2008

Pre-TAC Log for Dec 1

Stopped at some used bookstores and did some shopping. I think I have my reading list.
"Bilbo le hobbit", "Arsène Lupin gentleman cambrioleur", "Neuromancien", "Alice au pays des merveilles", "De l'autre côte du miroir", and "Dragons d'un crépescule d'automne". If all these go well, I might pick up "Le guide du voyageur galactique".

30m of shadowing podcast, listened carefully to another one (15m).
35m of LR with ALGC (chapter 1).

I'm planning on doing more LR with ALGC after this, but I thought I'd update my log before it got too late.

I've also decided to be more open about following up on Skype chat requests from people on Mixxer. I have a chat semi-scheduled for this weekend. I hope my level of French is ok, but more than that I hope we have things to talk about. Nothings worse that dull, forced conversation.

EDIT: Added: 1h (chapter 1 again 2x) and 15m (another podcast).

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