jeudi 11 décembre 2008

TAC Log for Dec 10

Daily news in radio and paper form. No podcasts or dialogs. Did my mnemosyne review and added 2 new words. I only had 9 cards scheduled. I hope it picks up soon, I'm worried I'm not going to remember the cards when it next prompts me if it's left too long. I still haven't done the "learn in advance" button, so maybe I should just do that when I'm feeling bored.

I listened to the French radio a bunch today. In order to make what would otherwise be a passive listening experience with dialogs and podcasts, when I hear something 'interesting' (a sentence, phrase, or whatever I want to practice), I pause, say it outloud, rewind a few seconds, lather rinse repeat. Of course, I can't really pause live radio, so that makes it a bit more passive (or otherwise I'm missing content..) And of course the reason I switched to radio in the first place was because I wanted to be interested in the content.

More immersion stuff: My 'default' news site should be in French. I'm stil addicted to google reader, but when I want to see what's happening in the world I should go some place in French. I tried Google News, but it just never stuck for some reason. I've decided on Le Devoir is a little more serious, but more of their content is hidden behind a subscription service that I'd rather not sign up for. Yahoo's QC news portal is too tabloid-y. Maybe I'll switch my google news default to fr_CA and see if that helps any..

Finally, I should find a French webcomic. Easier said than done, I think. I have a couple starting links, but I'll investigate that tomorrow.

Also on the horizon for tomorrow: I found a couple sites that have French dictées online, so I'll poke around at those. Hopefully I'll get another lang-8 post up too.

I almost bought "Le Nom de la rose" today. I have other "easier" books on my to-read list that I should probably do first, but there's something pulling me towards this book. OTOH, this book will always be available. Maybe I'll see how I feel after I'm a little deeper into my book stack.

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