dimanche 30 novembre 2008

Pre-TAC Log for Nov 29

Started to look at the FSI review Unit 18. The issue with the translation exercises is that I'm missing some of the vocab and specific turns of phrase since I haven't memorized the associated dialogs. Unsure about how to proceed. I think I might end up doing the review unit, but not try for 100% while listening the audio, but rather just proceeding through it like a workbook.

Tried to do some review lessons (5, 10, 15) from the DLI course. Wow, the DLI drills are way more dull than the FSI drills. The mp3s I have don't seem to be complete: not all the exercises are recorded. I don't think I can stand to just go through all the review drills, it would definitely be a waste of my time and sanity. I think I (again ...) need to take my own advice and only use it for targetted drills. (But, how do I konw what to target if I haven't tried drills and failed...? ) Perhaps this is the realization that I need to treat the FSI/DLI courses as resources to pick and choose from and not courses to follow entirely (since I clearly have issues with them -- why force myself to use something I hate?)

Talked with tricours in IRC. I think she's convinced me to just start trying to read in French, rather than do boring drills that I hate and probably don't really need. I guess I'll go buy some French books, then. Arsene Lupin springs to mind, since there are also librivox recordings and there should probably be cheap copies available in the second-hand bookstores near me. There's also a cookbook that's calling to me ..

So, maybe my brain needs to switch from "I need to learn French" and follows that up with all sorts of tasks for learning French. (Hence why I keep being pulled back towards the drills. "Surely these are the silver bullet. If _only_ I could finish these two courses, _then_ I'd be fluent".) Maybe I just need to start _using_ the language, and it will magically improve as I become more comfortable with it.

EDIT: Time for above plus listening to some podcasts: 2.5h.

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