samedi 29 novembre 2008

Pre-TAC Log for Nov 28

Just did FSI unit 12, 2h of review for units 7-11. Some of the drills were harder than I expected, but it's also possible that they should have been easier. I was trying to do some of the transformation drills without looking at the PDF, but the result was that I couldn't always understand the prompt and so would spit out the wrong answer.
After finishing all the drills, I went back and, looking at the text, was able to easy complete all the drills with only a few minor issues.

OTOH, I also found out I really need to drill my y/en/lui/leur transformations... Well, that's at least one unit of drilling that I'll end up doing. I think I need to start a "todo" list to keep track of where I am in all of this and what still needs to be done.

A couple of other interesting things to note during the oral translations (En -> Fr) exercises. There were very few sentences that I was unable to translate in the time given, but I think felt I did worse because what I said didn't match up with what they wanted. The differences were mostly lack of inversion, and my use of 'on' instead of 'nous'. I think the inversion/est-ce que/intonation difference was what made me feel the _most_ wrong, since it totally changes the form of the answer, and I was just getting flustered trying to compare my answer with what was given before the next question was spoken (all while trying to not look at the textbook for the prompts...)

The only other interesting class of mistakes I made was being insufficiently polite: not using the conditional tense when it was there in the English sentence.

EDIT: I also listened to 3 episodes of dailyfrenchpod. I realized why I don't like them. The delivery is too slow. It doesn't end up in my brain as a sentence to remember, so I just hear the word pronounced very slowly -- in one ear and out the other. The content itself (the dialog or whatever) is only a sentence or two, so hardly worth editing out and shadowing.

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