vendredi 28 novembre 2008

Pre-TAC Log for Nov 27

Did FSI French Unit 6 (review for 1-5). 90 minutes of tape drills. It was pretty easy, with only a few minor mistakes attributable to slips of the tongue and/or bad recordings.

There's no way I could force myself to go back and do the dialogs and drills for units 1-5 (another 14h of recordings), so that's certainly out of the question. It seems likely that I'll find the Unit 12 review similarly easy.

The other issue, of course, is that FSI is drilling a stuffy, 1960s French. I really noticed it during the question drills wanting inversion as the proper response. Hmm... I wonder if I should rework the drills and practice answers in Quebecois instead? "Qu'allez-vous faire?" => "Hé! Kessé'k't'vas faire, 'sti?!" :)

As for doing scriptorium with Assimil, I think I might be better off to treat the recordings as sources for dictation. So, dictee first, then rewrite with corrections. If I find that useful, I have other dialog sources I could work through if I finish transcribing Assimil.

I've also been listening to the FrenchPod Upper-Intermediate and Advanced lessons, pausing and shadowing not only the relevant parts of the dialog but also of the banter back and forth during the explanations. This seems useful for the moment since they're actually quite dense. I think FrenchPod has replaced LearnFrenchByPodcast as my favourite "learn french" podcast.

I'm also trying to decide which novels to read in French. I have the first Harry Potter (and audiobook -- purchased for LR but ditched after the first chapter because I didn't like the recording, or the book...). I might take Kato Lomb's advice and try to find some spy or detective novels. (Although, I find it hard enough to find fiction I want to read in English .. plus I'd really like to find something that wasn't translated from English, although maybe doing a parallel text

I've also added "One Thing in a French Day" to my podcatcher. The French is easy enough to understand, I just need to figure out a better way to use it. So far, I'm listening to it once, then reading it on my own out loud twice. That's good for now .. we'll see if anything else presents itself.

Another unused course I have is a copy of "Savoir Dire", a French phonetics text book with 11h of recordings. My experience (previous and above) with FSI tells me that Savoir Dire will be less mindcrushingly tedious than the "Introduction to French Phonology" (9h of recordings). I'm not sure if I'd really work through either of these though, as people keep telling me my accent is really good.

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